About Us

Ge Yu | CEO

Ge studied Economics & Strategy and Healthcare Management at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Society for Health Care Engineering. Ge is a productivity-driven fan of teams which keeps the objective at the forefront of conversations.

Before founding ChipHubX, Ge constructed a team from the ground up to launch a healthcare start-up. That company now becomes the industry leader in medical chip development.

Mohammed Ali | Business Development Lead

Studied at Washington University in St Louis. The reason he joined ChipHubX is because he is passionate about making a change in the medical research facilities around the world; by supplying the world with microfluidic chips, ChipHubX can enhance the microfluidic technology. Studied business + computer science at WashU and he is utilizing his skills to serve the community.

Scientific Advisor


Jingjing Gong, PhD 

With a Bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University and a Doctorate from Colorado School of Mines, Jingjing Gong is a visiting postdoc at Harvard University and a research scientist at MZBio. Jingjing has 5 years of microfluidics design and fabrication experience along with 3 years of microfluidics consumables R&D experience.


Wenshan Zheng, PhD 

With a Bachelor’s degree from Peking University and a Doctorate from Harvard University, Wenshan Zheng has amassed 7 years of research experience in microfluidic DNA testing and sequencing. He has also lead many research projects with a value totalling over $3M.

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Our Mission

To grow together with our clients, to help our clients turn ideas into real products with microfluidics technology.

ChipHub is expert in designing and manufacturing microfluidic chips & instrument development.

  • Based in Massachusetts of the United States, we provide unparalleled products and services to our global partners. We support our partners from single master to series volume production.

  • We are continuously extending our business model and improving our produce line and services to better fit for our partners’ needs.